For all of our pregnant CrossFitter’s I found a blog you might be interested http://crossfitkoppregnancy.blogspot.com/ and a picture that might inspire. Keep up the good work!

Heather Bergeron CF New England.


Coaches Choice


2 Back Squat @ 80% of 1RM



5 Push Jerk 135/95
400m Run

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  1. Joni says:

    back squats 160
    WOD 5 rounds RX ran in from my 5th run at 14:57 couldnt get to my bar…well lets be honest ..didn’t try
    Nuff said

  2. Ray says:

    5.5 Rds RX…fun WOD this morning. Even more fun with the yoga crew this evening. Shout out to Shannon…thanks for making me go!

    Matt…can’t wait to see the pix. Thanks Robin, it hurts so good!

    • shannen. says:

      Yoga was great! My Butt is sore! I heart back squats..
      Dusti, I LOVE the fact that you tried this in the mirror- and did it clothing optional.. I want to be you someday.

  3. Amy E. says:

    165lbs Back Squat EMOTM. WOD 6 rounds plus 3 reps RX. Awesome workout(s) today, I’m really excited tomorrow is my rest day!!

    PS. I loved watching Amanda and Dusti today, you two are crazy strong chicks! Also, Dusti I am sorry I drank off your water bottle today I will bring you a new one tomorrow, germ free 🙂

    • Dusti says:

      I was thinking you should drink off it more. Maybe some sweatfield genes will rub off on me and I will GROW a 6 pack!!

      • Amy E. says:

        I don’t know Dusti, it sounds like the running in place thing might just do the trick. OR maybe we should swap spit…. legs for abs

      • Dusti says:

        I actually laughed out loud from your last comment….I will swap!

  4. Dusti says:

    On my way to the shower I practiced my running in place; sans clothes. If I EVER take off my top at the box, it will be while doing this movement. It makes my abs appear to be better than they really are!! I likey. Extra props to Football CF.

    oh and btw. B.S. EMOTM I did with Amanda at 190#. Kinda liked it and was quite shocked that I was able to pull it off! Surprising myself everyday!

    • Amanda C says:

      you did great! Your form was so good, my knees were caving in!

      • Dusti says:

        To be honest, we BOTH rocked it. I am shocked that I could push that, I didn’t think I would. 6 months ago we wouldn’t have been able to do that!! 2 years ago both of us would still be kicking the air in combat; yet here we are. Wodding like our lives depend on it!!

  5. Amanda C says:

    5 3/4 Rds RX. Didn’t make it in the door on my last run before the time ran out. Back Squat 190#, really heavy, probably won’t be able to move tomorrow. 🙂

  6. cold tar running up hill in January says:

    5 rounds RX. Running=Boo

  7. SteveK says:

    Almost 5 rounds RX. Reversed order (run then push jerk), completed 4 rounds + run + 3 push jerks.

  8. Team Stiletto says:

    Liz – I love you for posting this website!
    THANK YOU!!!

  9. Dusti says:

    Really? YUCK!!
    I might end up having to go on a field trip or get a mammogram or something tomorrow.

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