**For those of you who may be interested in contacting Andria for help with your nutrition here is her contact info:

Phone #925-876-2253

Email: andriakern@me.com

Website: http://www.andriakern.com 

If you haven’t been already try to take time to come to Derrick’s mobility class Tuesday mornings @8:30. He has a lot to offer and loves to share what he has learned to help us fix our aches and pains. If you can’t make it in the morning don’t’ hesitate to ask him for help, mobility is his passion.


4 Rounds:
25 Double unders
25 Sit Ups


Plate Burpees


For time:
50 Plate Burpees 25/15
Run the Block
50 Plate Burpees 25/15

About crossfit22

Trainers: Kathy Gunther 801-652-4745 Liz McBride 801-913-4096

8 responses »

  1. Joni says:

    Wish I didn’t have to work for the man then I could do mobility and strength…oh well…I will just keep runnin with Matt- that’s sure to kill me…or make me stronger..or make me hate him…and so on and so forth
    I am not going to lie..I kind of like this WOD today..it was an odd little sucker..I tried to do the 25# weight plate but couldn’t get my head through the window without feelin that little twinge of pain..BOO
    WOD 18:55 RX
    Thanks Matty for always giving me someone to chase!!!
    SHOUT OUT TO KATY WHO RX’D HER FIRST WOD TONIGHT!! I think I was way more excited than she was. I love to see newer people RX and Shout out to quiet little Kelsi who did this wod with a 25# weight plate!!

  2. Amanda C says:

    O how I LOVE mobility on Tuesday mornings! Why you ask?? I am the only one who ever shows up(well, there are a few stragglers here and there), but I still call it Mobility with Derrick for Amanda. Everyone who can make it to this should try to come. It might be slightly painful at the begining but once it is over you will want to give him a giant hug for how good you feel. 🙂
    There is my plug for Mobility, I love it, Derrick don’t go ANYWHERE! 😀

  3. SteveK says:

    23:15 RX although the plate burpees were a bit sloppy and probably not a true burpee all the time. I don’t think my legs went back far enough on each one.

  4. Pretty nice workout this morning!

  5. Colby says:

    I can’t wait!

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