Desi I just couldn’t resist. You look amazing!



50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Double Unders


400m run w/ plate 45/25

Toes to Bar
Hang Power Clean 95/65

400m run w/ plate 45/25

(courtesy of Derrick Faust)


Row BW in calories

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  1. Toni says:

    Ok, I didn’t even do my BW or close to. But I’m positive I felt this for days after!
    I love going to Crossfit and seeing all of the amazing athletes in the classes. It is definitely motivation to try and push harder to keep up with you all!

  2. Dusti says:

    Last night at about 830 I thought I had reached the peak of my soreness and that it would slowly start feeling better. boy was I wrong, when I woke at 2 a.m. for my middle of the night pee and had to place my hand on the toilet to help myself down onto it( good thing It was my toilet and not my twins)

    I AM SO SORE!! I am so glad that amanda made me wuss out and not do my bodyweight; I hate to think of the damage that would have been done had I gone 5#’s heavier. Damn my body weight! I wish I weighed 135 like it says on my drivers license. Oh well. Maybe in my next life when I am a toddler again.

    I am going to try and get gymnastics in, it is not that I don’t think I can. It is that I feel guilty leaving my family at night!! But, to hell with them. This summer is killing me! Maybe I need the gymnastics break or my diet coke binge is going to turn into a Rum and diet coke binge!!!

    good lord…………………..time to shop for swimsuits!!!!!!! Go me!!!

    • Amanda C says:

      I really wussed out on my body weight! I would have been squatting 20 # more, Yikes! I thought I was done being sore, nope! Got up from my cubi and about feel over because my quads are back to killing me! What a week! Thanks for always being my squat partner! Maybe one day when we do body weight stuff i’ll be down to where 😉

  3. Joni says:

    Awesome Des!! All of your hardwork has paid off. If you haven’t worked out with Des you should..she makes me want to be a better athlete..her work ethic is bar none one of the many attributes that makes you want to be around her. She NEVER cuts corners, she NEVER cuts reps..she NEVER compromises form. She is super smart and listens to her body and is smart enough to know when too much is just too much..I mean you can tell..just look at her!

    Wow..got rocked big time today. All of those movements for me are pretty hard. Throwing myself on the ground and popping back up and clapping for myself getting back up (burpee) ring toes to bar huge body movement…the squat clean was where I was getting my rest. Even my last round I was able to string together 5..Holy Crap! that was a GOOD one..21:11? I think the last ran..was the proverbial icing on the cake. wow

    Special thanks to Derrick for really sticking it to the folks with higher body weight. I know it wasnt a personal attack on me…But it sucked for me just the same.
    Awesome week of progaramming. Feeling pretty trashed…see you at strength 🙂

  4. Amanda C says:

    I am reposing Joni’s post from yesterday! I couldn’t agree more with her. I have been going to gymnastics for about a month or a month and a half now and even the little amount of a muscle up or kip I can do, I can feel myself getting stronger. Gymnastics is for EVERYONE AND ANYONE of all skill levels. There are so many different progressions and skills that we work on that translate over into our OLY and Gymnastic moves we do in our workouts! I also do not want this class cancelled so come out of your comfort zone with the rest of us and join us for gymnastics!

    And….Go to mobility on Tuesdays with Derrick, he ROCKS!

    Joni says:
    June 21, 2012 at 8:13 pm Didnt WOD today…active recovery + gymnastics. AWESOME!! Tiffany is great

    I am so confused as to why more people aren’t taking advantage of this class. I mean there aren’t many boxes that offer this to their clients. maybe its just me..I am an empty nester and I have the time in my schedule to do this but really…we had 4 people there tonight. This is coming from a really REALLY selfish place -it’s really all about me..I can’t imagine that if we can’t get more people there that our coaches are going to continue having Tiff come down from Layton once a week to have a personal training session with Amanda and i I need this instruction so bad…can’t we get more people out? Just wondering…

  5. Colby says:

    Great week of programming Derrick but rowing out 200 calories after the WOD can officially be considered nasty. Just my opinion of course, I’m sure some of our resident sadists enjoyed it. 🙂 Thanks 22!

  6. Ali D. says:

    Nice Des! You do look amazing!

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