September 22 and 29, 2012, Running Clinics: 8:30am and will be 2 hours, space is limited to 15 people.  Cost is only $20/person!



We believe true fitness is not attained without good nutrition – it is the cornerstone of what we do at CF22. This means eating real food and foregoing the processed, pretend food.

This nutrition challenge is not a weight loss challenge, it is about changing the way you think about food. Eating real food will result in weight loss for some and body composition changes for many, but the real results come from improvements in how you feel, perform, recover and sleep.


Improve your health, wellness and fitness through sharp nutrition
Grow our CF22 community through teamwork, encouragement and accountability

4 weeks

How many per team:

4 people (if you want in, but don’t have a team, don’t worry – we’ll find one for you!)

Buy In:

$100 per team(i.e., $25/person)


It is encouraged you take before pics prior to starting the challenge and then again after – front, back and side. Men: shorts/no shirt (short-shorts optional – ha!). Women: Sports bra/shorts. You don’t have to share the pics if you don’t want, or you can simply hand over the pics to one of the coaches, but many athletes that begin these challenges often wish they would have done this. Even the smallest changes documented, are an amazing motivation tool to keep moving forward.


Pre/post challenge wod (to be determined by coaches)

3 attempts at max rep:




1 mile run

All of the above will be repeated at end of nutrition challenge.

First 2 weeks STRICT eating – no cheats, no paleo-izing baked goods!

Any cheat during first 2 weeks will mean disqualification from team and will require performing a Hero wod (Coaches choice) in order to be reinstated.

After first 2 weeks, a paleo-ized baked good can be added to the week. Any cheat after the first 2 weeks will require performing a Hero wod (as a team) (coaches choice).

What to eat:

For ease of description, follow a Paleo template. Eat lean meats, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts and oils (olive oil, coconut).

What NOT to eat:

No grains (bread, rice, pasta, quinoa or any other pseudo-grains)
No dairy (butter or cream – unless raw or from grassfed cow – yogurt, cottage cheese, goat cheese, etc.)
No legumes (no lentils, beans, peanuts, tofu)
No sugar (no, not even pretend sugar like honey, maple syrup, splenda, agave or splenda – just don’t go there)
No processed junk ((nondairy creamers, shakes, bars, water flavor packets, etc.)
No alcohol (but hey….coffee is allowed… as long as it’s black!)

A cheat means consuming anything from the list above.

Food logs are not required, but are encouraged. Keeping a food log or daily food diary can help you evaluate what foods are helping you to achieve peak performance. Info will help you see connections between health/performance/sleep and food intake. Maria will be available to look through food logs should you have any issues with the above.

Weekly Challenges will be included in nutrition challenge and will be required to be performed as a team (determined by coaches)

End of Challenge:

Winning team will be determined based on improvements in benchmark wod and max reps pull-ups, push-ups and improved 1 mile run done prior to start of challenge, plus hard work and a commitment to clean eating for the duration of the challenge.

Winning team will gets all!


Recipe sites we like:



Saturday morning Ruckin’! If your looking for some early morning Saturday fun and some new intensity come check out the 6:30am party it’s for EVERYBODY!


4 rds
100m run
10 walking lunges
10 ring rows
10 sit up
20 sec plank hold


Back Squat
Take 15 minutes to find your 1RM then…..LOG IT!


3 rounds for time:

Max reps in :45 seconds of:
Air Squat
KB Swings 70/53
Hand Release Push Ups
Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Rest :15 seconds between movements

About crossfit22

Trainers: Kathy Gunther 801-652-4745 Liz McBride 801-913-4096

12 responses »

  1. My best round was 109. Kipped my pull ups and #35 on kb swings. I only got 155 on my BS but I will have to start out with more next time.

  2. Joni says:

    Ok..thought I PR’d my back squat today but I did not. I got 195 12/2011 during CF totals..since that time I have managed to get a 185 and a 190 and no other records of 195 so…it’s not a pr’d but I didn’t go backwards/ Attempted 200. It was a no go.
    HOWEVER I DID PR MY FREAKING OH SQUAT whilte working on my goats. Got 100#..attempted 105 2 times…failed…my best oh to date had been 85.
    WOD 98 RX

  3. Toni says:

    107 not rx. Jumped my pull ups ( still working on those). 35 pound kb.
    My back squat rx 175! What the French…. Thanks Liz for the push.

  4. Dusti says:

    WHO IS DWJ??? David????
    um…. sorry to be a downer but shit fire up a tree storm; wanted to leave AGAIN today.
    couldn’t do my 1 rep max back squat because of my back. I stayed at 135# and squated 5 reps for the length of time that everyone else hit pr’s.
    WOD. I got 71. I took the least amount of reps from each movement.
    Squat to ball
    hand release up to toes
    NOT chest to bar but my sad excuse for a kip
    50# kb swing
    * CHRISTY, I used your back thing; I will go buy one today. I could not have squated 135 with out it. Thank you( the reverse muffin top that it caused was a site to see)

  5. Colby says:

    I need a team as well so I am definitely interested. I have been eating badly lately and I can feel it every morning. Either that or I’m just weak I prefer to blame my diet. I just had a body composition test so I will have some results to compare, I used the BodPod at the U. it was pretty interesting. 180lbs of other and 25 lbs of fat.

    Oh and where is TRose going?

    • Christy says:

      He is moving to Washington 😦

      • David says:

        I bet we could talk him into staying and just commuting…

        What do you say, TRose? UT Monday-Saturday and WA on Sunday’s? I’m sure CF-22 would cover your travel expenses and Mandy wouldn’t mind.

    • Dusti says:

      wahoo, I used to work for BodPod. Best ever for body composition! Way to go on getting it done. Schedule to have another done at the end of the challenge you will be impressed!

  6. SteveK says:

    86 and the pull-ups weren’t RX, all else was.

    335# squat

  7. DWJ says:

    Interesting WOD today.


    (I assume my squats were low enough because Liz didn’t yell at me. Of course she was busy with the photo shoot).

  8. Alyssa Moon says:

    Hey all- looking for a team for the nutrition challenge. Let me know who is interested. 🙂

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