Who says dance isn’t a sport? Jess has been dancing her whole life and has incredible strength, flexibility and not to mention amazing timing which makes it easy for her to pick up oly lifts, dubs, kips etc.! Yep I see an athlete!


Group warm up



1-5 Strict Pull up
5 second L sit


1 mile run
150 Double Unders
50 Burpees
800m run
100 Double Unders
35 Burpees
400m run
50 Double Unders
20 Burpees

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Trainers: Kathy Gunther 801-652-4745 Liz McBride 801-913-4096

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  1. Kat says:

    Joni is correct on b4b totally different this year and not as user friendly. Yes we will be doing grace this year because we just love her so much!

  2. Christy says:

    25:58 RX
    Awesome wod loved it!!!

  3. Joni says:

    Wow Jess..way to show off impeccable form!! Awesome!

    WOD….hmm….I am wondering if the person who programmed this currently can not push a bar over her head…Wow! for some reason I am sore everywhere! it was terrible and fun and Riley my dear niece so sorry you had to be there when that little bit of puke crawled up!
    WOD 32.13 RX goodness what a week.

  4. Toni says:

    36:22 and singles.
    I’m surprised I finished this under the 40 minute cut off. I seriously doubted I would.
    Our team did the 500 burpee challenge right after. Finished that in 18:15.
    This was a dirty WOD. Almost as bad as a hero wod.

  5. Amy E. says:

    I almost died today!! Sharae was witness to me flailing on the floor and cursing when I finished this WOD. Sorry Sharae, that was a pretty ugly site. I need a 30 minute power nap and should be good as new. Good night 🙂

    • Kat says:

      I almost died as well I’m so happy tomorrow is my rest day! Thanks to Ryan for setting an easy pace for him, hard pace for me i was chasing you the whole time! Felt good to do burpees again! Love this sick WOD:)

    • It was anything but ugly Amy! YOU KILLED IT! Maybe one day I will have the guts to push like you guys do. 🙂 You motivated me to actually do it alone, which is way harder for me.

  6. Dusti says:

    Kelly, yes i feel like that wArranted a 7 course cheat meal. Created by the two of us. Maybe we need to do a date night with our team when this is over!!
    I do however weigh less than I have in awhile. I know I shouldn’t care but I am a girl so I do. I still need/want to drop it a little. Nobody give me shit!!! I want to drop it because I know how I feel and look at certain weights. Another 6# I will be walking around cf naked!!
    Wod was a painful 38:43 rx. I have 3 nasty whip marks on my ass. If you know anything about 3 whip marks you know it is a sign of the devil; which means this wod was straight from hell. Thanks for keeping me going jen!!

    • Joni says:

      Never invite someone NOT to give you shit. Dusti..I don’t own a scale..best day of my life was when I walked away from my scale and decided that a number would no longer define me. I challenge you to give it a try…and maybe try my scale…the skinny jeans test..if they still fit..you are good! Just sayin…get out of your head my love!!! Life just gets better from there!

  7. Amanda C says:

    I am having a hard time registering for our Barbells for Boobs. I found our gym but I am not sure what to put for the Fundraiser Goal and Custom Page Name? It also defaulted to Amazing Grace? So are we doing Grace again this year?

    • Marianne says:

      I also tried to register Shane & I, but didn’t finish because I have the same questions. Anyone know the answers?

      • Joni says:

        Ok me too..I think its different whereby each person that registers sets a fundraising goal-you make up a name for yourself where you can invite people to donate-for example mine is going to be 22forthetatas so please don’t steal it anyone-it gives you a link that you can send to people to invite them to donate-a donation of 80.00 gets a tshirt ? I think. I am going to go through it again tomorrow and see if this is right and I will let you all know if you can hold tight until unless anyone else has done it and wants to advise??

  8. Kelly says:

    DId anyone else feel like that WOD could of earned them a “cheat” treat??

  9. mindy says:

    Question for all you paleo nutritionalists. I’ve been very careful about buying things on the shelf making sure all paleo rules are being followed. I found a salad dressing (olive oil viagarette and a similar one with pineapple) that has no preservatives, no added sugar, no artificial flavoring or color, and no MSG. All the ingredients were legible and natural. But the very last Ingredient was xanthan gum. I googled this and it said it was an immulsifier or thickener added to such items as dressings, ice cream, all gluten free food, and a million other foods. It helps keep the food together and keeps the water from separating from the other ingredients.. It said it was a natural bacteria (the black spots on broccoli) that gets grinded up and put into these foods to thicken them. It also said that its usually less than 0.5% of the food product weight. Any thoughts on this ingredient and if its okay? Ha ha! I think my VERY LONG comment on the subject is trying to justify this ingredient. This ingredient is also in “100% natural” fruit drinks. I’ve neglected to ask this question cuz I don’t want to hear the answer. If I don’t know it’s wrong then it’s okay, right?!! Considering that I have completely changed my eating patterns to be 1 million times healthier than it use to be, personally I don’t really want to worry about .5% xanthan gum! But with that said, I am interested in opinions from the paleo experts (Maria?) and if the info I read is correct. I haven’t read anything negative about it. But i did read that it can be produced unnaturally and that they don’t differentiate this in the list of ingredients. IF ANYONE ACTUALLY READ THIS LONG COMMENT THEN IM SUPER IMPRESSED; BUT SOMEWHAT UNIMPRESSED BECAUSE YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS TO READ THIS VERY BORING COMMENT ON XANTHAN GUM! Wow my life is sad :).

    • Joni says:

      Oh Mindy…you crack me up..for me personally…I am sticking with “eat real food” I do not eat any ore bottled dressings..I just make my own…

      • mindy says:

        Thanks joni: Makes sense. That will have to be my next major step in this paleo thing:). I don’t cook but paleo is making me learn how. I guess that’s good right?!! Im so lazy that I buy those veggies and melons from grocery store that are already cut up! My meat consists of eggs, deli meat, and chicken breasts already cooked. I don’t even fry or boil my eggs. I stick them in microwave! Okay…TMI from me.

      • Dusti says:

        Mindy, I read because I have too much time!! I had to microwave my eggs last week because my Steve wasn’t working. 2 eggs for 90 seconds tasted just as good as fried. I did find that spraying Pam in the bowl made it easier to clean. Use olive oil if you are super crazy!!
        My fave homemade dressing is:
        1/4 c olive oil
        1/4 cup good balsamic
        2-3 garlic
        Salt and pep
        Throw in a blender!!
        * if that is too hard tell me and I will make you some!!

      • Dusti says:

        Haha steve is the guy that makes my eggs. J/k stove

    • Mindy says:

      Thanks dusti. That’s recipe is just my style…easy! This is going to sound weird but I’ll put two eggs in a bowl with a little bit of coconut oil and a bit of raw cream. Then I cook it for 2 min. It’s sooooo good!

  10. Dusti says:

    But I just did 500 burpees

  11. mindy says:

    Must say that pic of Jess is VERY IMPRESSIVE. Her form is PERFECT!

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