On February 2 we will be hosting a very special event called “Angel’s for Alex”.  We will be doing a WOD to help raise awareness and funds for the Family of Alex Terry who is currently fighting brain steam cancer. Our amazing friend Garrett Smith has created a T shirt and had this to say PLEASE READ!

Put yourself into this situation for a minute. You go to bed one night and everything is fine and normal. You have four beautiful children with a baby due in about a month’s time. The next day you wake up and one of your boys isn’t doing to well. You take him to the doctor for what you think is a routine visit. Come to find out that Dr’s visit is about to dramatically alter your life forever!

Meet one of our heroes, Alex. This handsome young man is 5 years old. Alex has what the doctors’ call Glioma, which is essentially a cancerous tumor on his brain stem. This is the most aggressive type of tumor in the worst of places.

We were contacted by Jake to put together a shirt for Alex. I went to the Facebook page for Alex and read the blog they had about him. What an incredible young man. I can’t even being to imagine what he and his family has had to endure this past couple months. I could only think about my own daughter and son while reading this. At that moment I knew that we had to do whatever we could to help this family out.

Alex is just a normal boy who loves boy things. On February 2nd at Crossfit 22 in Bountiful we will be doing a special WOD for Alex. Cancer is stealing his child so together we are going to fight for him, to let him know he is not alone in this fight! Unfortunately the cost of treatment is very expensive. We have created a shirt for Alex to help cover a portion of the cost. 100% of the proceeds will go to Angels For Alex. Please go to dfslifestyle.com/store to donate and buy a shirt to show your support for Alex. Share this with as many people as you can! Let’s help this wonderful family out!

The silhouette is actually of Alex. The little red hand on front symbolizes a child’s hand holding a silver ribbon, which is actually the ribbon for Brain Cancer, the same type of cancer Alex has. The superman symbol on the silhouette is there to show strength, not to mention what little boy doesn’t like Superman. On one sleeve there is a fighter chopper and on the other is a fighter plan to represent the type of fighter Alex is. The theme of “not all angels have wings” is there motto. Please show your support and purchase one of these great shirts for this great family and incredible child! All proceeds will go to Angels for Alex. Shirts are printed on American Apparel 50/50 material.

Go to http://dfslifestyle.com/store/ to get your $30.00 shirt and show Alex that we all stand by him in this fight.


In teams of 2 (female/female, male/male or female/male) get sweaty.  What?? were opened minded hehehehe.


EMOTM for 10 min

odd: HSPU

even: pistol squats


“Team Fight Gone Bad”

5 rounds for max reps in 1 minute of:
Wall Ball 20/14
SDHP 75/55
Box Jump 24/20
Push Press 75/55
1 minute rest between rounds.

*Only one athlete can work at a time and each athlete must perform work during each minute including row.

About crossfit22

Trainers: Kathy Gunther 801-652-4745 Liz McBride 801-913-4096

2 responses »

  1. Joni says:

    Love that our box is doing this…I am having a proud sister moment

    THAT WOD whoa….Thanks Jake for being my partner

    141, 141, 153, 138, 142 Total 715 RX that was so tought and so fun at the same time Loved it.
    Everyone have a safe and warm weekend!

  2. Mindy says:

    Wow. That was a tough story to read. I hope our box can help Alex and his family as much as possible.

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