**”ANGEL’S FOR ALEX” is this Satruday Feb. 2nd. Do not miss out on the chance to give to this amazing event. We are so excited to be a part of this. Here is the link to the event page. You can create an account and register.                      http://angelsforalex.wodhub.com/**


Please put write your team on the white board behind the rowers. Remember buy in is $50 per team. One last time here are the rules:

Each teammate will log meals, WODs and any bonus or deduction points daily in a log book. Before and after weight/pictures (optional).

– This is a Paleo challenge so stick to lean meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some friut, little starch and no sugar.

You must log all food intake, WODs, bonus and deductions.

You will receive nutrition/exercise points based on the following:

NUTRITION points are awarded on daily performance.

1 point per day paleo meals that includes dairy.
2 points per day paleo meal where all paleo rules apply.
3 points per day paleo meal weighing and measuring portions zone style.

EXERCISE points are awarded on weekly performance.

1 point per week for 3 WODs/week.
2 points per week for 4 WODs/week.
3 points per week for 5 or more WODs/week.
We will start the challenge with a WOD. You will receive points at the end of the challenge based on how many rounds you improve from beginning to end of challenge.


1 point/day for 64oz or more of water.
1 point/day for 8+ hours of sleep.
1 point/day for each day you supplement with fish oil.
1 point/wk for 1-2 rest days a week (NO WODs).
1 point/wk for eating homemade meals at least 5 of 7 days of the week.
2 points/wk for not eating out at for full week.


2 point deduction for EACH cheat meal.
1 point deduction for EACH alcoholic or carbonated beverage/day.
1 point deduction for no post workout meal before leaving gym.
2 point deduction for less than 3 WODs/week.
10 point deduction for not logging info and tallying points/week.





3 Rounds:
10 Wall Ball
10 Walking Lunges
10 Burpees
10 Sit Ups



Complete As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes of:

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

This is the Nutrition Challenge WOD. For those of you participating you must keep track of your rounds and reps. The standards will be strict today and we will be watching. Pull Ups: Chin must go over the bar on top and arms must be fully extended on the bottom. Push Ups: Hand release on the bottom of every rep and arms fully extended on top. Squats: Hip crease below the knee on bottom and hips and knees fully extend on top.

About crossfit22

Trainers: Kathy Gunther 801-652-4745 Liz McBride 801-913-4096

8 responses »

  1. Amy E. says:

    22rds + 5 reps

  2. Joni says:

    I could write I want to hurl…Oh I guess I did

    We did Cindy in Nov. Thing about the PR tracker when you PR it erases your old one instead of keeping a running log BUT you can go back to your logs and find it.

    11/16 16+5 RX


    19+5 RX 🙂

  3. Jo says:

    I could write 16.2 but really, 80 pull-ups,
    160 push-ups and 240 squats sounds so much better!! Day 1 of awesomeness !!

  4. Christy says:

    22rds + 4 RX

    • Mindy says:

      I know this sounds crazy but I LOVE workouts like Cindy. They give me a high! And my back didn’t hurt at all after the workout. Yahoo! In fact, it felt better afterwards then when I got to the box. Weird!???
      Christy–ur so amazing and so freaking fast and strong. I always try to come somewhat near your times in endurance Wods (in weight Wods I’m a lost cause). I got 22 +2. Yahoo!
      I love it when people posts their Wods on the board.

  5. shannen says:

    Registed for Angels for Alex.
    And I have consumed 32 ounces of water… 🙂

  6. 5:30 am Steph says:

    Or alternately you can move snow for time.

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