SATURDAY SCHEDULE: OPEN GYM 6:30am * CROSSFIT 7:30am * CROSSFIT 8:45am (trial basis)
New class today at 8:45 w/ Coach Bruce for those of you who like a little sleep in!!

If you are interested in competing in Fitness Elevated spots are filling up. Register here:

Just want to send a “shout out” to our Strength Class crew. Robert likes to refer to it as “CrossFit Shenanigans”, which it is. Tons of dancing/singing/inappropriate convo’s and more. We invite everyone!! Hard work and TONS of fun!

Yep she's a favorite!

Yep she’s a favorite!


Coaches Choice


20 Calorie Row
20 Db Burpees 35/25
20 Wall Ball
20 Plate Burpees
20 Toes to Bar
20 Burpee Power Lunge (1 lunge on ea leg)
20 Broad Jump
200m MB Sprint 20/14

“Teams of 2. Both athletes perform the entire workout. The first athlete enters and completes the Row. When that athlete has completed the row, they move on to Burpees, and the second athlete may begin the Row. This pattern continues, in order, through all of the movement. No athlete can begin their next station until the athlete ahead of them is clear from that station. A team’s result is the total time for both members to go through the workout.”

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Trainers: Kathy Gunther 801-652-4745 Liz McBride 801-913-4096

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