Reminder: Friday class is from 9-10 only. WOD will be done as a group.




This will be a team challenge.  Here are the details:

  • Teams of two, three or four
  • Buy in $25 per person, can do more if you decide to as a team. Make it interesting (cash only).  This must be delivered to Kat, Liz or Andy in a sealed envelope by Wed. 1/8/14
  • Winner will be determined by points one point per day, up to 7 points per week. Teams will be responsible for tallying up points at the end of the week . Use a notebook or the whiteboard behind the rowers.
  • At the end of the three weeks the teammate with the most points win their teams’ buy in.

Week 1:

Remove all obvious sugars that include:

  • Cookies
  • Muffins
  • Doughnuts
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Cake

Week 2: 

Continue with week 1 protocol and also remove not-so-obvious sugars that include anything with:

  • Artificial sweeteners (ALL of them)
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Corn syrup
  • Maple syrup
  • Honey

Week 3:

Continue with week 1 & 2 and also remove any and all products that contain white flour that include, but not limited to:

  • White bread
  • Cereals
  • Pasta
  • Bagels
  • Croissants

Plank Challenge

This challenge, alongside the Sugar detox, is meant to increase your core strength and improve your mental toughness. You will be planking every day and adding 5 seconds to your previous planking time.
Start out with a daily plank and hold for 30 seconds either on your hands or forearms (or start on your knees, if need be). Repeat if you can up to 3 x. The following day, add 5-10 seconds to your plank time and, if starting on your knees, try doing a few seconds without bearing weight on your knees – just your toes!). Repeat this every day for 21 days.

If you can already easily hold a one minute or more plank, try going for 1.5 to 3 minutes. Once you have your first day baseline, add 5 seconds to that time each day. You can vary the style of your plank (elbow, forearms, side plank) each day, but you must use the same plank style without moving to a different style of plank per session timed.

If you can easily hold a plank for 3-5 minutes, you can choose to do a weighted plank for time. Placing a plate on your back (get someone to help with this) or using a weighted vest. On the first day, hold the weighted plank as long as possible – this will be your baseline time. Add 5 seconds to that time each day for 21 days. (Or, for the hardcore…increase weight every week along with the basic 5 second addition!)

Reminding myself of this at least 10 times a day!! Anyone else?

Reminding myself of this at least 10 times a day!! Anyone else?


500 Meter Row
4 Rounds w/BB 45/30
10 Push Press
10 Back Squats
10 Good Mornings
10 Bent Over Rows


Back Squats
+10 Week 4 Day 4


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps for Time:
Cluster 135/95
Ring Dips

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Trainers: Kathy Gunther 801-652-4745 Liz McBride 801-913-4096

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