As many of you know Coach Jason’s little boy Harvey was involved in an accident Monday morning where he suffered 2nd degree burns over 25% of his body. He is currently at the University of Utah Burn Center where he is receiving expert care. Becky is posting updates on her Facebook page to let everyone know how he is doing and prayers on their behave would be much appreciated. We would like to put together some Paleo meals for them, things that they could possibly freeze so that they could use them as needed. They will be very busy caring for Harvey when he comes home and I’m sure making meals won’t be high on their list of priorities. We are thinking we would like to have all meals at the gym Friday night by 5pm (ready to freeze) so Andy, Liz and I can deliver them. I will go over details with Jason and post specifics on Thursday. If you have more questions let us know. Thanks!!

Clips and jump ropes are in. Please ask your coach for your items.

The perfect valentine.

The perfect valentine.


Athlete’s Choice


15 Minutes of “Goat Work”. (Something you suck at)


2 Rounds for time:
1000 Meter Row
800 Meter Run
100 Double Unders
50 Sit-ups

*Cardio WODs are just as important as strength WODs. Don’t skip out on this just because you hate to run or row. If you are doing the Open you should be doing a WOD like this at least once a week. PUSH HARD!!

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