The open kicks off this week and we are so excited. Great news if you haven’t signed up yet it’s not too late. The first WOD will be released this Thursday Feb. 26th @6:00pm. For anyone who may be interested will will be streaming it live at the box, everyone is welcome to join us to hear it announced.

Our first Friday Night Lights will be a fundraiser for a family in need. Mike and Terra were high school sweethearts going on 20 years in May. Their son Marcus brought them so much joy and family meant so much to them that they tried for 16 years for another child and finally they where blessed with a little curly haired blue eyed angel in august of 2010. She quickly became the center of there world . In July of 2013 sweet Mariah was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at 2 years old, 8 months later the sweet daughter was gone to heaven. While Mike and Terra where in the process of greiving there baby girl, funeral and medical bills where multiplying. Mike was diagnosed with CML a luekemia he will live with and take medicine for the rest of his life this was only three months after the loss of there daughter . Mike and Terra both work but can’t even come close to making ends meet. Mike’s medicine Gleevec, is 9800 a month even with insurance and assistance from the hospital that still leaves the Tellers paying huge amounts for this life saving medicine. Mike and Terra have to miss a lot of work to take care of him, they are trying very hard to do things on their own. Mike has to go to Arizona every 3 months for treatment this means travel expenses and time off work for both. They are still dealing with the medical expenses for their daughter and the left over funeral expenses. Please do what you can to maybe help this little family meet these huge expenses . Mike volunteers his time to the community coaching and Terra for a organization to kids with terminal illness.

Teller Family



1 Min Max Power Clean
1 Min Max Bench/Floor Press
2 Min Max Power Clean
2 Min Max Bench/Floor Press
3 Min Max Power Clean
3 Min Max Bench/Floor Press

L1 Strict Push-Up, PC 75/55
L2 Bench/Floor Press @ 40-50% of 1RM, PC 105/75
L2 Bodyweight Bench Press, PC 155/105

T2B w/ a 5 sec negative on the way down
Reverse Hyper or weighted GHD

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Trainers: Kathy Gunther 801-652-4745 Liz McBride 801-913-4096

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