MANDATORY ONRAMP (fundamentals): $125.00
Monthly Unlimited class: $120.00
Student/Fire/Police/Military: $100.00
Couples: $200.00
Drop In: $15.00


For Personal Training Contact:

Kathy Gunther
Liz McBride

9 responses »

  1. EDITH MORENO says:

    I would love to have more info

  2. EDITH MORENO says:

    Im ready to start , what should I do ?

  3. Heather Burt says:

    Really eager to begin. Do you have a family price? What do I need to do to get started?

  4. Juliana says:

    I just live down the street from your place and I would like a little more info.

    Can I start anytime or are there certain times and classes for certain levels?

    Is the Basic CrossFit Fitness class required before you can start coming to classes on a regular basis?

    Are there a limited # of spots in the regular classes?

    I’m assuming there are no contracts – it’s just pay as you go, is this correct?

    Is there an extra fee for the Thurs Yoga class or does the $100 unlimited class fee cover that as well?

    If you sign up as “couples’, are we required to work out together or can we go to different classes? (Babysitting issues is the only reason – :O)

    Thanks for you help,


    • mikeb says:

      You can start whenever youd like but there is a mandatory fundamentals class. That is listed in the blog the last few days ($100 for 6 classes)

      No # for normal classes

      No contracts just pay monthly

      And if you sign up as couple you can both workout whenever youd like

      Anything else we can help you with?

      Feel free to email kath, or liz or come in and talk to one of the trainers

      Thanks hope to meet you soon

  5. Jo says:

    Having a great time! Thanks

  6. Valerie Phillips says:

    I’m trying to get in touch with Robin Kemp. In the past, I’ve gotten massages from her, and I wanted to buy a gift certificate for a massage for my daughter-in-law. Could you have her give me a call, 801-451-5010 or 801-236-6099? Thanks, Valerie Phillips

  7. Lisa Turville says:

    Filthy fifty

    my time 39:24

    So TOUGH!

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