6 months later, WOW!!!!! Whoot woo Mitch!

“Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge regarding fitness, your training skills are outstanding and you make it easy to attend each day with your motivation and encouragement.

 I have to admit the before picture was taken in December right after I turned 50, I decided I needed to finally get in shape and start exercising. The problem was it took two years before my son, who was tired of hearing me say I need to start exercising, made me commit to actually doing it. So two years later in December on a fateful Saturday he said, “Dad I am going to sign us up for the SLC ½ Marathon, the Marathon is in April so you have time to start training for the race”.

 I said lets go down to the Bountiful Rec center and get a pass, on the way heading down Orchard we saw the Crossfit22 sign and said lets check this out, I had heard about Crossfit from my sister in-law. So on a Saturday afternoon, we were looking in the building, seeing these big tires and a cage and no machines and wondering what this is all about when Kathy drives up and introduces herself and says come on in.

 I tell her I need to start training for a 1/2 marathon in April and ask her if Crossfit could help, she was very positive and said absolutely this will be perfect for you to gain strength and endurance for the race.

 The best part about making this decision is I feel so much better each day, however the first two months were hell, I could hardly wait to crawl into bed at night and getting out of bed the next morning was even more difficult. (I would walk like Mr Magoo for the first 10 mins). I never looked at the website to see what the WOD was because I was afraid if I knew I wouldn’t show up. Again your insight and expertise paid off because the first couple of weeks on some WOD’s you told me to only do half of the amount listed and to use a weight that was challenging but manageable.

 I have added a new passion to my life, Crossfit WODs.

 My new goals are to improve and learn overhead squats, kipping, double unders, thrusters, etc. I think this is what keeps me interested in Crossfit, learning new skills and gaining more strength each day.”


I testify!!

“The CrossFit style workouts have completely transformed my body as well as my mind. After turning 40 I knew something HAD to change. CrossFit has changed the way that I view my workouts. I am learning that it is not always about quantity-you know that old thought process that more is more…more time in the gym = a better workout. What it really is about is quite simple-quality-the quality of your workout, proper form and good nutrition. It’s about realizing that you CAN push yourself beyond what you ever imagined possible. Its about doing something different EVERY time you workout. CrossFit has changed me mentally and physically. Who doesn’t want that??”


We want to send a huge shout out to Frankie. As of Monday Frankie has lost a total of 101 pounds. He started his journey weighing 412lbs and is now at 311lbs, not only has his body changed but Frankie has changed. When Frankie first started CrossFit he didn’t socialize much he keep to himself and always worked out one the other side of the box. Nowadays you will find Frankie right in the middle of all the action, working his a$$ of (literally) and cheering others on. Each of us that have got to know Frankie are better because of him. If you haven’t had the chance I encourage you to come to the 5:30am class to meet him.
Frankie it has been our pleasure to get to know you and watch you go through this transformation. We are proud of you and we love you. As your CrossFit family we are excited to cheer you on as you continue this journey.

“I love cf22 bcuz it has changed my life n not just that but I have met some wonderful people there to n the most of all is that the trainers at cf22 are so awesome bcuz they work with you n they make sure you do it right n that’s why I love cf22.

Cf22 is like Cheers, bcuz everybody knows your name! Thank you, Kat, Liz, Andy, James n Mike B. for the support n I can’t forget the rest of the crew the box, thank you everybody!”

This is Frankie 6/27/11.

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  1. Finally some thing intriguing, completely agree. Look at the website link earlier mentioned in the case that your in to the same things.

  2. Mike Serio says:

    Crossfit 22 – Thank You!
    What Crossfit 22 has done for me (Mike Serio):
    When I first came to Crossfit 22 I had some pretty significant leg injuries that were hampering my life at home and at work. Most of you that know me, know that I am a police officer in a close by major city and my job is to run a police dog (bloodhound) to track down bad people who do bad things. My fitness has always been important to me at work and for recreation. However a few years ago all within 1 ½ year span I ruptured my right quad (those that have seen it, “not a pretty sight”) and tore my left knee meniscus playing soccer the sport I love and grew up playing my entire life.
    In order to understand the gratitude I have for Crossfit 22 I’ll give you my quick bio if anyone cares??? I grew up in a military family traveling all over the world. I got hooked on soccer living in Germany as a youngster. I played in the Olympic Development Program in Virginia and earned a Soccer Scholarship to Virginia Tech University (Division I Soccer). As you may have noticed I am a bit vertically challenged so I knew if I wanted to play Soccer in college I would have to be strong and quick. Most of my competitors were 6 ft plus and I was only 5’6” on a good day. I lifted weights my entire life concentrating on upper body strength and my continuous play of soccer took care of my lower body. In college I managed to play 4 years of soccer, drink a lot of beer, and squeak out of there with a degree. (Not that you would know from my poor writing ability- too much beer!) Anyways now I needed a job that so that I could use my education. Well, not quite I chose to use my physical ability more that my education. I never wanted a desk job so I went into police work and managed to start a bloodhound tracking program to catch bad people doing bad things.
    My job basically is to use my bloodhound to track down people that do not want to be found. Most of them hiding in bizarre places and many flush and I have to chase them on foot. (Bloodhounds track people, they do not bite so it is up to me and my back up officers to catch them if they run.) I feel it is important to maintain a certain fitness level so that the bad guys do not get away. I was able to maintain a good fitness level by lifting weights, running, and playing soccer. Then I got injured a few years ago playing soccer, the sport that kept me fit. I ruptured my quad volleying a shot. I actually felt the muscle detach from my hip. Weird sensation, then extreme pain! It felt like I got shot in the quad. It turned black and blue and the muscle that detached balled up in my leg. However at the time I just thought I pulled it very badly. I waited 6 months and thought I was healed, came back played another soccer game and some kid hacked the heck out of my good leg tearing my meniscus. I thought again I would just heal on my own. Wrong! After waiting another year I eventually went to see a knee surgeon. He gave me the bad news about my left knee and informed me that my right quad was ruptured. The knee was repairable but the quad was not. I had knee surgery, went through the rehab and began working out and running again. My knee and quad never really recovered. My knee would catch and pop with pain while my quad would try and contract a muscle that was not attached to anything-very painful.
    Somehow I still managed to function at work with these injuries but it was unpleasant. I was not nearly as fast or strong. I was frustrated. Bad guys jump fences and when I would have to throw my dog over a fence and jump after him my quad would fire off. It was almost a comical sight. The motion of jumping a fence would set it off almost every time. I would be on the top of the fence and I would start to shake, and yell “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” It looked like I was being electrocuted. My fellow officers thought it was funny but it hurt like nothing else. So I was back to see more surgeons begging for an answer. My knee was also still in a lot of pain. The surgeons stated the only thing they could do was cut my leg and knee wide open and see if there was nerve damage and cut into my quad muscle and try and debulk it. Both surgeries would be “experimental” unknown if would get better or worse. I was desperate and almost elected to do it. However I decided that I would give one more final effort to making my legs stronger through working out hoping my muscles would learn to compensate.

    I almost joined the new gym in Centerville but remembered seeing something about Crossfit near my house. I had heard some things about Crossfit but really knew nothing about it. I decided to go take a peek and decided to give it a chance. I thought I would last a month and would get frustrated with my legs and quit. It has now been 6 months and I am still at it! When I first joined I told Andy, Kathy, Liz and Amy of my injuries and they told me that they would just scale down my workouts and adjust as needed. I was very skeptical. I literally could not string 3 air squats together without grimacing in pain and my rows were pathetic every time I would bend my knee it would pop with discomfort. Andy, Kathy, Liz and Amy just kept on encouraging me to work through it with proper form and persistence. Month after month my legs kept getting better and stronger. Now I row without any popping of the knee and I can string a 100 air squats without stopping. I still struggle with most of the Olympic movements but slowly improve and get stronger from head to toe.

    Crossfit 22 has also made me better at the events that I was already good at. For example: Sit-ups, Push-ups, Strict pull-ups, and running. I got faster and stronger. In fact, now turning 40 I had the best score in the entire department on our PT test which involves running, vertical jump, sit-ups, and push-ups. I was always good at these events but Crossfit 22 put me over the top. I know it is not saying much for us doughnut eating cops but still I am proud to be the most fit doughnut eating cop. Now my sights are on you “sick” crossfitters. I hope to keep improving so that someday I can compete with all of you in the box. Life is about “goals” for me. It may take me 50 years but at least I am shooting for something. The funny thing about Crossfit is as soon as you think you kicked some butt on a WOD, the next day WOD turns around kicks you 10 times harder exposing all of your weaknesses. I am getting use to this butt kicking and it keeps my head in check.
    I thoroughly enjoy coming to the “box” my 4 days a week. I vow to continue coming until I can kick Christy’s, Ashlee’s, Dave’s,, Steve’s, Kurt’s, Chad’s, James’s, Mike’s, Derrick’s, Maria’s, Amy’s, Liz’s, Kathy’s, and Andy’s “ass” (not a curse word) in a WOD….. Or I run out of money…. or move. In other words I am stuck here forever! The instructors are awesome always encouraging with positive reinforcement. Every single one of you is truly inspiring to me and I am not just talking about the instructors.
    I will be taking a break in the beginning of September to enjoy the beaches of Hawaii. Just picture me on the beach with my family sipping on a Long Island Iced Tea eating Buffalo Wings, Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches while my wife and kids throw sand at me. I think I will enjoy the sandwiches the most. I will assess the damages when I get home. Paleo stuff is out the window while on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Crossfit 22 to the real life test!
    Oh! Now that you are completely disinterested about me bragging how great I think Crossfit 22 is. I put it to the real life real time test. The other night (it was on the news)my bloodhound Junior and I had the opportunity to track a very bad man down. Junior did his job well by tracking the suspect several blocks and once we got close I had to go over that agonizing fence again wondering if my quad would hold. No problems ! Once over the fence the suspect flushed and the chase was on. I caught up to him very quickly and tackled him to the ground. I was not even winded and he was 20 years younger than me. Thank you Crossfit 22! You have restored some youth to my legs and I am in the best shape since my early soccer days.
    Mike Serio and hounds

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